Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Community Gum Fleer Break

Well, I don't know how many readers I have (I think only about 20/day according to my stats...and I know for a fact that two of those 20 are my girlfriend and I), but if anyone following is interested the boys at Community Gum are doing an all Fleer group break. Below I have listed the boxes they will be busting, along with a checklist of each product.

2000 Fleer Mystique
2001 Fleer Platinum
2002 Fleer Authentix
2003 Fleer Avant
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters
2004 Fleer Classic Clippings
2005 Fleer Showcase

Digging up those checklists brought to my attention the serious lack of checklist coordination we have as far as baseball cards are concerned. It's surprising considering how many dedicated (and lets face it, mostly anal) collectors we have in the hobby that there are so few complete checklists for most products. The baseballcardpedia community may be our last hope...

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